The Good Work

The staircase in the Loretto Chapel (this can be easily found with an internet search)is said to be somewhat of a miracle.  The architect who designed the chapel left out a staircase for the choir loft and was then shot and killed before the problem could be rectified. 

So the nuns for whom the chapel was being built did what you would expect them to do.  They prayed. 

They prayed to St Joseph, the carpenter.  Nine days later a bedraggled looking carpenter showed up with a mule and his tools and took on the job.  The staircase he built is astonishing.  It is helical and does two complete 360 degree turns.  Also, it has no obvious central support.  The bent stringers are the support, but to anyone who doesn’t already know this, it seems to be floating in space.  And he did this all without nails or any metal fasteners.  Everything is pinned with dowels.

Then this guy disappears.  Just gone.  With no name and no address the nuns can’t even find the guy to pay him.

Two years later a banister and handrail were added.  Find a picture, there are many, of it before this was done.  It’s incredible. 

The nuns, having experienced what they deemed a miracle, announced that it must have been St Joseph himself who built the staircase, commissioned by Jesus Christ in answer to their prayers.

Here’s to doing the Good Work.